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GAME ON: Extra Life’s Official Game Day is November 5!

Video and tabletop Gamers involved in Extra Life have been playing games and healing kids treated at The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio since 2008. Last year, Extra Lifers playing in support of The Children’s Hospital raised more than $99,000 and gamers from all over have now raised over $100 million to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals nationwide!

On November 5Extra Life will host their 14th annual Game Day broadcast. Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Register to Play games, Heal kids at and select The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio.
  • Pledge to play games and ask your friends and family to donate.
  • You can play whatever game(s) you like for however long you want on whatever console, platform or place.
  • Not a gamer but still want to help? Donate to a participants’ page or share about the event on your social media channels!

Participating in Extra Life is a fun and rewarding way to support even the smallest of patients at The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio. Here are the 12 things to do before Game Day to make sure you are in the best shape to raise the most money for the kids that you can. Do all of the things on this pre-Game Day checklist and you will be a few steps ahead of the pack when your Game Day kicks off! When you pledge to play games, heal kids, you’re helping kids like Maddie.

At a routine four-month check-up in December of 2016, Maddie’s pediatrician noted that she was underweight, weighing only nine pounds. After further testing, they discovered that Maddie had a heart murmur. Her pediatrician recommended that the family schedule an appointment with cardiology at The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio. Maddie was diagnosed with a large ventricular septal defect (VSD), a small aortic valve, and a small hypoplastic aortic arch, all serious congenital heart defects. Maddie’s VSD and small hypoplastic aortic arch required immediate surgery. The team at The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio completed the surgical repairs with no complications. Maddie’s recovery process was smooth, and she quickly began eating normally and gaining weight. Maddie still has a small aortic valve which requires close attention to assure that the valve is growing with her. Maddie is now a thriving six-year-old who loves to laugh, play sports, and smile big.

To learn more about how you can play games and help heal kids, visit and follow them on social media on

If you have questions or need more Game Day tips, you may contact Rolando Gonzalez at